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All My Movies is a software to catalog all your movies and TV shows
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All My Movies is the software to organize your movie collection. If you are a movie buff and you have a big movie collection, this program will be very useful for you. It has an easy-to-use interface that arranges all your movies based on the title and year; clicking on a title will give you its complete information. It can also catalog your TV shows.

Adding new movies and TV shows is a simple task. You can either add the titles manually along with custom fields to store information or you can define a default folder for your movies and shows, thus the software will autoadd the media directly from it. By default, the software fetches all the information from credible sources such as IMDB but you can add any missing information if you like. It also displays snapshots of different scenes in a movie and provides a link to download the trailer. You can also add movies or shows that you plan to watch later. To better view your collection, you should make All My Movies sort and group movies based on different filters such as genre, actors, release date and directors. You can play your movies and shows directly from the main window.

All My Movies can also track your DVDs if you lend them or run a small business. This software can monitor all your DVDs and report when the due date is near. Additionally, your database can be extracted, compressed, backed-up and even password-protected. You can use different plugins with this program to perform different operations.

To sum things up, All My Movies is an impressive tool. It enables complete control over your movie and TV show database and lets you easily access the content. I recommend this software to movie enthusiasts who have large movie collection.

Arnav Sinha
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  • Catalogs all your movies and TV shows
  • Displays detailed information about every title
  • Fetches data from credible sources
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Supports plugins
  • Can manage DVD loans
  • Can track upcoming movies


  • No considerable disadvantages
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