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All My Movies is a cataloguer designed specifically to manage movie collections
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If you are into watching movies and keep a large collection of films, All My Movies can help you manage them with ease. This movie cataloguer has a nice and easy-to-use interface. By just selecting a title, you can see the movie’s data, such as title, actors, description, cover, still pictures, etc. It is also useful when you would like to keep a record of the movies you have already seen and of those you are planning to view in the near feature. Besides, you can create custom fields to store any other information you need.

New movies can be added to the database in several ways. For instance, you can enter a DVD title manually and then provide its barcode for the program to populate the fields for you. You can also scan a selected location on your hard disk for the program to identify the corresponding file types. As the file’s location is saved in the database, starting playback of a given movie is as easy as double-clicking on its title.

One of the nicest features of this program is that it saves you a lot of effort by connecting to online movie databases to download all available information about a movie; and not only that, it can update data in batches. Fortunately, the database can be easily exported, compressed, backed up, restored and even protected with a password.

If you frequently lend your DVD discs to friends, or if you are running a small business, you can easily track your loans. Luckily, the program will alert you when a disc is due to be returned. And in case all the above mentioned functionalities do not seem enough, it is possible to implement others by installing plugins.

To sum up, All My Movies is probably one of the most complete applications of its type. I really recommend you to try the program, which can be evaluated for a month.

Pedro Castro
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  • Easy to use
  • It allows creating custom fields
  • It allows various ways to enter data
  • It can download information about movies
  • It can manage movie loans
  • It supports plugins


  • There are several similar tools for free, although not so sophisticated
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