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Full-featured and comprehensive cataloging tool for your movie collection
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Movie lovers and collectors will find All My Movies a comprehensive and highly useful tool to keep track of the movies they have, the ones they have seen, and even those they would like to acquire in the future. This excellent cataloging tool will also let you keep track of your loans and view statistics of the type of movies that are part of your collection.

Movies is what All My Movies is about, and that is why most of its functionality revolves around the flicks that show off your collection. Every movie is presented with its original poster, and all its basic information – year of release, genre, director, actors, synopsis, etc. You can have an overview of your entire collection as a list of titles or as a stylish movie shelf. If you wish to know more about a film, you want to open its “Movie card”. Each movie card is actually five movie cards, showing you general information about the selected movie, additional information, media information, screenshots, any custom fields you would like to have, and a specific card for the series you own or have seen and the seasons and episodes they are divided into. All this extensive information is interspersed some specific fields directly related to you and your collection, i.e. if you have seen it or not and how you liked it, if it’s part of your wish list, your own comments on the movie, the type of media of your copy and where it is located, etc. Information can be typed in directly into the movie card or imported from various online sources, including not only all the trivia but also technical information about the media you are interested in.

All My Movies comes with a set of tools that will allow you to keep track of all the movies you lent out to family and friends, when they borrowed them from you, and when they are due back in your collection. Besides, the program offers you interesting graphical statistics about all the items that you own or the movies you have seen, such as the genres you are most interested in.

All My Movies is the only app you will need to organize and view your movie collection, as it syncs seamlessly with your Android smart phone or your Apple portable device. It offers you a wide variety of searches and filters to locate that elusive movie buried in your collection, and stylish viewing and listing options to enhance your browsing experience. All My Movies can collect all kind of data from various sites on the Web and provide you with the most comprehensive and accurate information about your favorite flicks. All this information can then be exported as a PDF, HTML, or Excel spreadsheet, and you can also select specific data to create custom reports.

Everything you need to keep your movie collection updated is in All My Movies. I can only recommend you to try it and see it for yourself.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Nice-to-look-at interface
  • Comprehensive movie-related information
  • Downloads all types of data from online movie sites
  • Graphical statistics and custom reports of your movie collection
  • Syncs with your Android and Apple mobile devices
  • Exports your catalog to PDF and Excel files
  • Keeps track of all your loans


  • None
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