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All My Movies helps you organize your movie collection
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Keeping track of the movies you watched for the past couple of years might not be a simple task, as they can be quite a lot. I, for instance, watch at least one film per week. All My Movies allows you to store relevant information regarding each viewed film and organize your movie collection with ease.

With an intuitive interface, this application makes it easy for any user to keep a record of all videos viewed as well as create wishlists, manage loan history, batch update movie details, and many other. Personally, I like the fact that you can back up and compress the created database whenever you want. In addition, you can password protect the movie database in order to make sure no one checks the information you enter within this application.

There's only one thing that might prove to be a relevant disadvantage at some point about this application: it might take a while to batch update the movie details. Anyway, that's a minor aspect that will probably bother almost no one.

In my opinion, All My Movies comes in handy to those users who like to organize and constantly update their movie database with just a few clicks. And, considering you don't have to pay much to use it, my conclusion is that it's worth a try.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Available in many languages
  • You can batch update movie details
  • Allows you to password-protect the movie database
  • You can back up the movie database


  • It might take while to batch update the movie details (batch update utility from Tools menu)
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